Zombie Necropolis: Chad Halverson, Book 2

Zombie Necropolis: Chad Halverson, Book 2

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The world has turned.

Plague-infected, flesh-eating zombies now infest the earth. Black ops agent Chad Halverson of the CIA’s top secret National Clandestine Service and a motley band of survivors must do everything they can to survive one more day, even as they try to find out what caused the pandemic.

Fending off zombies at every turn, Halverson and his group make a mad dash through the plague-ravaged, smoldering ruins of Los Angeles and Santa Monica to evade the clutches of the zombie hordes and reach the sea.

A cop with a drinking problem, a politician with a scandalous past, a couturiere who can’t find her daughter, a CIA agent searching for his brother…alienated characters all caught up in the zombie apocalypse.

When Halverson finds out the truth behind the origin of the plague, he is targeted for extermination by surviving remnants of the government that are hiding underground and will do anything it takes to retain their fragile hold on power.

This is a terrifying new world where the living dead rule the land, killer drones rule the sky, and death lurks around the next corner.