Wildlife: Reckoning

Wildlife: Reckoning

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Life in the swamp just got wilder….

“The Swamp Massacre.” That’s what the media dubbed it. A family on a boat tour through the Florida Everglades. Abducted by the infamous Roy family. Forced to endure hell.

Five years later, an aspiring filmmaker and her friends are keen on making a documentary about the incident and to venture into the isolated wilds of the Everglades in hopes of capturing footage that will stun the world silent. They’re going to get their wish. Unfortunately.

This terrifying follow-up to the critically acclaimed WildlifeWildlife: Reckoning plunges us deeper into the darkest corners of the swamp…and reminds us that man is the deadliest animal of all.

Soundbooth Theater is proud to work together with Jeff Menapace once again to revisit a classic horror/thriller, originally narrated by Jeff Hays – Wildlife! This time, Annie Ellicott joins in to play the documentary filmmaker and protagonist, Stacey, and the adorably psychotic and horrifying Darla Roy! The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

  • Jeff Hays – Narration, Music, Sound Design
  • Annie Ellicott – Stacey, Darla Roy, and the rest of the female cast
  • Emily Labes – Editing and Proofing
  • Griffin Malnar – Editing, Mastering, and Sound Design