Whispering Corridors: A Ghost Story

Whispering Corridors: A Ghost Story

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There’s something in the house on Kenwood Drive, and it only comes out at night…

College students Eric and Lydia are looking for a novel way to spend Halloween. They decide to put together a documentary about the supernatural and take a camcorder into the long-abandoned house on Kenwood Drive. It’s said that a vengeful spirit lives there, and Lydia thinks it the perfect location.

Eric, though, has his reservations. Having grown up in the area, he’s familiar with the stories of the spirit they call the “Upside-Down Man”, and as their trip to the house draws near, his fear begins to mount. According to the rumors, once you go into the house, you bring the Upside-Down Man out with you. And in three days’ time, you disappear.

When the two of them begin to see and experience strange things, they launch into a frenzied search for truth, attempting to separate the myth of Kenwood House from the reality. But it turns out that untangling the threads of local legend is more difficult than it appears.

Especially when you’ve only got three days.

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