Voice Over Man: The Extraordinary Story of a Professional Voice Actor

Voice Over Man: The Extraordinary Story of a Professional Voice Actor

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It is estimated that there are more than a million professional voice actors in the world. It is by nature, a largely hidden profession but nonetheless is one that annually generates more than $4.5 billion globally.

Voice Over Man is a fascinating insight into the life of one of the world’s most prolific voiceover artists. It’s a frank and very personal account of his career. Not in the full glare of the spotlight, but in the dark spaces behind the scenes that the public never gets to see. From barking like a dog on pet food commercials – to his universally recognised work on the world’s biggest television shows – The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent together with countless video games and live events – he recounts the highs and lows of his deeply unconventional career. If you liked The Larry Sanders ShowW1ACurb Your Enthusiasm and Toast Oo London – you’ll love this!

Unlike Kleenex or Clorox, Peter Dickson is not a household name, so while he may not be very effective at or indeed remotely interested in cleaning under your rim or around your U-Bend, his voice is heard in every household in the United Kingdom and beyond; every hour of every day, of every year. From selflessly lending his vocal talent to radio and TV commercials, video games, documentaries, radio programmes, interactive telephone systems, corporate audio and video productions, game shows and family-friendly TV broadcast entertainment behemoths, he is quite literally all over the ruddy place!

This is a book which will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered what actually goes on behind the scenes on TV and radio. It’s a frank and very personal account of a life lived in the media. Not in the full glare of the spotlight on the shiny floor in front of the camera, but in the dark spaces the public never get to see; the voice booths, control rooms, offices, dressing rooms and dimly lit corridors backstage.

Peter Dickson has been a professional voiceover artist for 45 years. He has worked in all sectors of the entertainment industry and alongside many of its biggest stars. He has been the voice of more than 200 TV series – many of them multi-award-winning – and the promo voice for more than 60 TV channels. He has acted on more than 30 of the world’s top-selling AAA game titles and has voiced more than 30,000 TV and radio commercials. He founded and co-owns GravyfortheBrain.com – the world’s biggest online voiceover training school and mentoring resource for established and aspiring voice talent. He also founded and co-owns ReAttendance.com – the global virtual events platform. He has an honours degree in psychology, is a member of British Actors Equity and the Chartered Institute of Journalists and is understandably, ever so slightly knackered.

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