UFO Chronicles: You Can’t Handle the Truth

UFO Chronicles: You Can’t Handle the Truth

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UFO Chronicles is an unprecedented and uncensored audio series featuring the top authorities on the UFO enigma. Pilots, astronauts, government officials, military officials, medical experts, scientists, religious leaders and more reveal (in never before heard interviews) the ramifications of the alien presence on planet Earth. The UFO Chronicles collector’s series discloses information you were never meant to know.

Sean David Morton is a born psychic, trained Remote Viewer, intuitive consultant, investigative reporter, and accomplished award winning director, producer and screenwriter.

Mr. Morton’s expeditions to Area 51 made front-page news in newspapers across America in the 1980s and 90s. In 2005, Morton received his PhD doctorate in therapeutic psychology and counseling from the International Institute of Health and Spiritual Sciences in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Morton has been the most popular guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell since his first appearance in 1991.

In this shocking, no holds barred interview, Morton exposes the deceit, manipulation and control the government and military factions impose over the human race in the continued effort to cover up the reality that we are not alone.

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