Transmission: A Supernatural Thriller

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A voice from beyond the grave?

College students Kenji and Dylan stumble upon a strange recording in the background of an obscure song. It’s a woman’s voice uttering a string of seemingly random characters. Upon further inspection, the song appears to have been embedded with a hidden message. Attempting to crack the mysterious code and becoming obsessed with the recording, Kenji and Dylan set off in search of answers. With every turn in the road however, the puzzle only seems to grow more complicated. And sinister.

Retired Vietnam vet Reggie Cash is also drawn in by this message, and before long both he and the two college students are on the trail of the mysterious woman featured in the recording. But who is she, and where is she leading them?

As things fall into place and strange events unfold, the three of them begin to wish that they’d never heard the recording at all.

Transmission is a full-length novel of supernatural horror and suspense by Ambrose Ibsen.

©2016 Ambrose Ibsen (P)2016 Ambrose Ibsen