Through the Dark Wood: Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

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Have you ever looked at your career, your relationships, or your role in life and wondered, “Is this why I’m really here?” If so, then you are ready for your “midlife crisis” – the pivotal time when you have the opportunity to become the person your soul seeks to be.

“When the illusions of our youth begin to crumble,” explains James Hollis, “we reach a turning point that the poet Dante called the ‘dark wood.'” With Through the Dark Wood, this author and Jungian analyst reveals the steps we all must take on our road to true maturity, meaning, and fulfillment.

When the Second Half of Life Begins

How do you know when you’ve reached the “second half ”of life? According to Hollis, the first sign comes when you feel dissatisfied by where you are today—and hear a call from within to live a more purposeful life. This marks the collision between your “False Self,” created from the expectations of others, and your instinctive “True Self.”

Drawing upon his experiences with hundreds of clients, Hollis provides an essential map for traversing the universal challenges of midlife, such as building genuine relationships, cultivating a mature spirituality, and letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you.

An Invaluable Guide through the Challenges of Midlife

“The second half of life isn’t about looking for easy answers,” James Hollis says. “It’s about honestly exploring the questions that bring richness and value to your life.” With Through the Dark Wood, this penetrating thinker shares a lifetime of insights about how to navigate your life’s most turbulent passages – and emerge from the darkness wiser, stronger, and in greater harmony with your soul’s purpose.

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