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Draw up your covers, turn on your lights and get ready to explore some generally weird, creepy little tales where the truth lies somewhere beyond what you expect.

“It’s always fun to stumble across a writer you haven’t read that has the ‘write stuff.’ That happened when I read Kenneth W. Cain’s collection THESE OLD TALES. Do yourself a favor, pick up THESE OLD TALES and prepare yourself for a reading treat.” –Gene O’Neill, THE BURDEN OF INDIGO and OPERATION RHINOCEROS HORNBILL.

These Old Tales is a collection of dark fiction short stories. Stories that will make you think, tales that will keep you awake at night wondering what that noise you keep hearing in the attic might really be. Whether you are seeking gunfights, ghosts, abnormalities, werewolves, zombies, psychotic killers, the reaper, the devil, or all around everyday bad guys this collection has something for you.

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