The Shadow Diaries

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Meet Shadow, a beautiful Black Labrador/Greyhound mix, a dog with a sweet temperament and a need for speed. He has a few things to say…more than a few, actually. An entire year’s worth! Welcome to…The Shadow Diaries.

In this heartfelt, funny, and ultimately inspiring memoir, Shadow recounts the first year that he came to live with his two Daddies, known as DJ and DS. Since they rescued him from the SPCA, Shadow chronicled his life in a weekly series of diary entries, first posted as a Facebook blog. From getting settled in his new home, to his Daddies learning his quirks (there are many!), to celebrations and holidays and road trips, Shadow experienced so much.

Now, all those of his adventures have been compiled together in this volume, representing a progression of three lives sharing their days, their nights, laughing and bonding with every passing season.

Along the way, Shadow shares stories of other dogs and how he met his extended family. He even sings songs! He narrates the story of a wedding. He learns about art and about theatre. But what he most likes are his daily walks. By day, he has lots of energy and loves to play “Triple Fetch.” At night, though, he enjoys snouncing. It’s a word he made up.

Filled with poignancy, humor, and heart, The Shadow Diaries will restore your faith in all the good that exists in the world. Shadow’s unique story is an expression of the joys we seek in our lives. This insightful pup reveals what we all know in our souls. Indeed, this Shadow knows the secret to life.

The final entry reveals Shadow’s ultimate truth. But as he sings at one point, “Let’s start at the very beginning.” It’s a very good place to start.

A dog can change your life. Your life can rescue his.

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