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Bram Stoker award-winner Bentley Little cordially invites you to The Resort.

Welcome to The Reata, an exclusive spa isolated in the Arizona desert. Please ignore the strange employees and that unspeakable thing in the pool. And when guests start disappearing, pretend it isn’t happening. Enjoy your stay, and relax. Oh…and lock yourself in after dark.

Opulent doesn’t begin to describe the Arizona getaway where Lowell Thurman, his wife Rachel, and their three young sons have come for one glorious week. Everything at The Reata is perfect – although Rachel is a bit unnerved by the openly lustful gaze of one of the gardeners, something she doesn’t mention to Lowell. Nor does he tell her about the frightening sensation he has in the pool of hands clutching at him, trying to pull him under. After all, when you’re in paradise, a few glitches shouldn’t spoil the fun.

But the good times come to a screeching halt, when, to the Thurmans’ horror, guests begin to disappear. What’s happening at the resort? Evil, ancient, and cruel. And unless they can stop it, the Thurmans will be forced to sacrifice at its altar….

Explicit violence.

©2004 Bentley Little (P)2018 Journalstone Publishing