The Last Outpost: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

The Last Outpost: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller Price: $29.95 (as of 24/06/2021 08:13 PST- Details)

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For the first time, all three SILO audiobooks, with over 25 hours of action, are being offered in one discounted title as The Last Outpost.

A world decimated by volcanoes….

Humanity nearly extinct….

Only armed camps remain….

Stuart Edison thought he’d built a foolproof underground fortress that could survive any apocalypse.

Unfortunately for him and his community, he was wrong.

As their resources dwindle and hunger gangs swarm the landscape, a ruthless militant faction led by the infamous Simon Frost threatens them. He has the muscle and the firepower to take over and change the fate of humanity forever.

But the trouble doesn’t end there.

Edison’s biggest threat will come from within when a traitor rises from the shadows and sets a trap to take control in an all-out mutiny.

The Last Outpost is a classic struggle of good versus evil, except you won’t know which side is which.

If you like pulse-pounding action, resourceful warriors, and unexpected twists and turns, you’ll love this new saga from USA Today best-selling authors Jay J. Falconer and M.L. Banner.

Listen today and prepare yourself for the ride of your life. You won’t believe how it ends.

Rated R for violence, language, and bloodshed.

Previously published as SILO audiobooks 1 through 3.

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