The House on Haight Street: A Timeline 10/27/62 Story

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The House on Haight Street is a novella featuring Miranda Sullivan and Joe Calleja, culled from material originally included in the body of Warsaw Concerto (Book 13 of the Timeline 10/27/62 series). It did not make the “final cut” for two reasons: Firstly, I thought it was one sub-strand too many and therefore interrupted the flow of the rest of the narrative; and secondly, the book was getting very long even by my standards!

Normally, such “exclusions” would never see the light of day.

Having lopped a good 30- to 40,000 words out of Warsaw Concerto, I discovered that within the supposedly extraneous or distracting material I had removed, there was the bones of a story capable of standing on its own feet.

Moreover, it was a story that serendipitously reintroduced two characters who will be important players in forthcoming instalments of the Timeline 10/27/62 saga, brought their stories up to date, and passed the test of adding another layer of context to the events playing out in both Warsaw Concerto (Book 13) and Eight Miles High (Book 14).

I hope that you, my fans will allow me this indulgence.

Mostly, I just hope you enjoy the novella.

In either event, I am sure you will let me know what you think of The House on Haight Street!

It is the first of a series of Timeline 10/27/62 stories that will appear in between the release of forthcoming Main Series books.

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