The End Is Here: Caldera, Book 7

The End Is Here: Caldera, Book 7 Price: $19.95 (as of 24/06/2021 10:14 PST- Details)

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While Hatcher and the survivors strengthen the defenses of their new home, the people’s resolve begins to waver. New and unexpected faces join their ranks, and the survivors must deal with the threats that the new world throws at them.

The Marauders have been broken, but Simon continues his crusade. His forces are scattered and face uncertain fates while he plots his revenge. If he can’t have his toys, nobody will.

The government continues to work toward a cure, but their best minds begin to feel that something more is wrong than just a species decimating virus. Paranoia creeps into the picture, and the lead researchers feel forced to abandon the safety of their flotilla.

The Ragers are starving…and changing. What more can happen, as the cannibalistic creatures begin to plot against the uninfected?

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