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Etchison’s fiction is justly famous for its creepy ambience, and explores the terrain mapped out by Philip K. Dick, Thomas Harris, and any number of black and white horror movies. This is his legendary first collection, carefully corrected by the author for this new edition. The title story won both the World Fantasy Award and the British Fantasy Award in 1982, the first time a single work received both major awards.

Contents include 16 groundbreaking stories and an introduction by Ramsey Campbell.


  • “It Only Comes Out at Night”
  • “Sitting in the Corner, Whimpering Quietly”
  • “The Walking Man”
  • “We Have All Been Here Before”
  • “Daughter of the Golden West”
  • “The Pitch”
  • “You Can Go Now”
  • “Today’s Special”
  • “The Machine Demands a Sacrifice”
  • “Calling All Monsters”
  • “The Dead Line”
  • “The Late Shift”
  • “The Nighthawk”
  • “It Will Be Here Soon”
  • “Deathtracks”
  • “The Dark Country”