The Complete Thunder Series

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This audiobook contains the complete Thunder in the Heavens series (Thunder of War and Thunder of Vengeance).

The Tyrell are a race that love to fight. The more difficult the fight, the better they like it. Every race they find is given the same level of technology and a specific amount of time to exploit it before the Tyrell come back looking for a fight. Humanity is warned by another alien species that the Tyrell are coming, and the race is on to build an Alliance of races strong enough to stand up against an empire whose expansion has been relentless.

Cate Harrow and Gort Eagleton are two officers who might be good enough to beat the Tyrell if their own incompetent leadership can get out of the way and if their alien allies don’t stab humanity in the back.

This fast-paced, action-packed military SF series looks at both sides as they play the grandest chess game of all.

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