The Beast Complete Series: A Werewolf Horror, Books 1-3

The Beast Complete Series: A Werewolf Horror, Books 1-3 Price: $14.95 (as of 24/06/2021 09:12 PST- Details)

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The complete series in one audiobook.

The Beast: A Werewolf Horror

If there’s no such thing as werewolves then why are all my friends dead?

A werewolf is preying upon the denizens of a small town. The only people who know what it is, who understand what is happening, are children. A group of third graders isn’t exactly the most credible source of information, especially when it comes to the fantastical. They grow up being ridiculed, shunned, bullied, and mistreated by their peers and the broader community.

Years later it returns, but this time Thomas and his friends are prepared for it. As the body count rises and the tension mounts throughout the town, only The Freaks (as they call themselves), have come to terms with what it is. After all, they have seen it before. They have seen the blood it spilled firsthand.

Nobody is above suspicion. Not even family members. Thomas and his friends cannot trust anyone, must suspect everyone. As children, they learned the truth. As grown werewolf hunters, they must use every bit of courage they have to face the monster. Nothing short of killing it will suffice.

Inspired by horror stories and movies from when Werewolves were actually scary. When shifters had fangs. When monsters spilled blood and guts, and nobody cared how nice their abs were. An homage to Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf and movies such as An American Werewolf in London, and The Howling series, The Beast will curdle your blood with fear.

The Beast Returns: A Werewolf Horror

I’ve become the very thing I swore to destroy. I’ve become the beast itself.

Thomas awakens from surgery after a brutal stabbing leaves him nearly dead. He finds himself a helpless prisoner, awaiting trial for murder. Until the full moon comes. Until he changes for the first time….

When he shifts, Thomas doesn’t have control. As he commits savage act after savage act, of murder and dismemberment, his nerves shatter. Now on the run, he seeks solace with a pack of his own kind, but his presence throws the pack dynamic into chaos.

As all hell breaks loose around him, Thomas tries to flee from his horrible past. Unable to tell who is friend, and who is foe, he enters a fight for his very survival.

The Beast’s Revenge: A Werewolf Horror

The exciting conclusion to the bestselling series of werewolf novellas, The Beast!

After running away from his pack, Thomas tries to begin a new life on the other side of the country. Little does he know that a crazed bounty hunter pursues him. A bounty hunter who knows his dark secret.

The pack, unwilling to let go of one of their own, tracks the young werewolf from Florida to Oregon. With Thomas’ life on the line, and the possibility of the pack being exposed, they must race to find him before the bounty hunter.

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