Terror in the Mist: Island in the Mist, Book 3

Terror in the Mist: Island in the Mist, Book 3

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The island in the mist is no longer a secret. Despite Jonathon William’s best efforts to keep it safe and hidden away, the city of New Orleans becomes the first victim of a dinosaur attack. In the aftermath, a secret department of the United States military, led by the mysterious Mr. Cold, invade the island and begin a program to weaponize the prehistoric animals. Jonathon does his best to warn Cold of the dangers related to such an endeavor, but his warning is ignored.

Jonathon goes on living his life with Lucy, and their daughter Lily, while Mr. Cold recruits survivors Glenn Hardcastle and Dr. Charlotte Nelson to help him reach his goal of weaponizing the dinosaurs. Two years later, incredible circumstances again force Jonathon back to the island, but this time he’s joined by a team of mercenaries. Their mission was supposed to be a simple rescue and recovery, but as usual, nothing on the island is simple.

Once again, the carnivorous dinosaurs inflict a significant amount of carnage and death, but this time the island itself seems to fight back as well. With death and destruction seemingly breathing down his neck, paleontologist Jonathon Williams is suddenly faced with his greatest challenge yet! The island has essentially become a ticking time bomb…. Will he escape before it’s too late?

Terror in the Mist is the exciting conclusion to the Island in the Mist trilogy!

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