Terminator Gene: Human Rites, Book 2

Terminator Gene: Human Rites, Book 2

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In a drowning world, could you stay afloat?

You won’t want to miss this edge-of-the-seat eco-thriller by million-selling author Ian Irvine.

In a world ruined by global warming, paranoid governments will do anything to crush dissent. Irith Hardey, a young gene researcher, is thrown onto the streets and, with nothing but the clothes on her back, fights to survive in a predatory world.

Caught up in a battle between Security and a cabal of rebels, Irith has no choice but to help the rebels’ assault on a secret data centre deep below London. They steal files containing the code for a deadly terminator virus, but no one can decipher it.

The group is hunted all the way to New Orleans, slowly drowning under the rising sea, to destroy the laboratory where the virus is being made. As the hurricane of the century bears down on the sinking city, Irith struggles to crack the secret of the virus before it wipes out all humanity.

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