Tales from the Fire Zone

Tales from the Fire Zone

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This collection of five diverse and highly entertaining short stories, straight from the ingenious imagination of New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, includes one story written exclusively for Blackstone Audio.

“Adventure of the Greenbrier Ghost”

Starring Sherlock Holmes, this tale is based on a real-life ghost story from West Virginia. The basis of the story comes from a court case in the 19th century in which the testimony of a ghost was entered into evidence, leading to the conviction of a murderer. Maberry has thrown Holmes and Watson into the mix for added punch.

“Doctor Nine”

A psychological thriller about a little girl whose imaginary friends are guiding her through the process of becoming a serial killer, this story originally appeared in the anthology Killers and has been reprinted many times.

“Like Part of the Family”

This urban noir fantasy tale introduces werewolf PI Sam Hunter.

“Property Condemned”

Set in Pine Deep, the small town featured in Ghost Road Blues, Dead Man’s Song, and Bad Moon Rising, this is a chilling psychological ghost story.


An exclusive story written especially for Blackstone Audio.

©“Like Part of the Family” 2010 by Jonathan Maberry. “Doctor Nine” 2008 by Jonathan Maberry. “Property Condemned” 2012 by Jonathan Maberry. “The Adventures of the Greenbrier Ghost” 2008 by Jonathan Maberry. “Cooked” 2012 by Jonathan Maberry (P)2012 Blackstone Audio, Inc.