Surviving the Turned: The Orphans Vol II

Surviving the Turned: The Orphans Vol II Price: $21.99 (as of 28/07/2021 15:33 PST- Details)

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After the first wave of outbreaks and infection, the blood has not even had a chance to dry before Shaun and his friends are forced to disobey his father’s wishes, to stay where they could be safe at the families’ cabin and away from the unknowns of their new bloody apocalyptic world.

The zombies are just as vicious and hungry as in book one and never satisfied.

From their first trip into town the zombie apocalypse war begins, survival and taking care of each other is key.

The search for the cure is America and the world’s only hope. The government put out a plea for anyone that might know anything about the spread of death.

The government very quickly figures out that Karen was patient zero at the hospital outbreak. They also find out that Frank Fox is the one responsible for developing the drug. None of them knowing about the backstabbing acts his assistant Rogers had done to him.

While the government waits for help, the military sends in a team of Navy SEALs to try and speed up the process, hoping that they can find the research that they need. The soldiers find the apocalyptic world a bit more dangerous and chaotic than they had expected.

Shaun and his friends run into the SEALs and together they embark on a battle to find the cure. Shaun has his own emotional issues to deal with, as he learns that his dad was the one responsible for it all.

©2015 Mike Evans (P)2015 Mike Evans