Somebody Else Is on the Moon

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Few people noticed the secret codewords used by our astronauts to describe the moon. Until now, few knew about the strange moving lights they reported.

George H. Leonard, former NASA scientist, fought through the official veil of secrecy and studied thousands of NASA photographs, spoke candidly with dozens of NASA officials, and listened to hours and hours of astronauts’ tapes.

Here, Leonard presents the stunning and inescapable evidence discovered during his in-depth investigation:

  • Immense mechanical rigs, some over a mile long, working the lunar surface.
  • Strange geometric ground markings and symbols.
  • Lunar constructions several times higher than anything built on Earth.
  • Vehicles, tracks, towers, pipes, conduits, and conveyor belts running in and across moon craters.

Somebody else is indeed on the Moon, and engaged in activities on a massive scale. Our space agencies, and many of the world’s top scientists, have known for years that there is intelligent life on the moon.

“An extremely convincing case the moon has life on it – an intelligent race that probably moved in from outside the solar system….” (UFO Report)

“Leonard’s photos are truly mind-boggling….” (Publisher’s Weekly)

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