An Interview with Anthony Fauci

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic made Dr. Anthony Fauci a household name, he played a pivotal role in American medicine for over 50 years, as a physician trained in the crucible of medical crisis and an effective researcher who supported medical breakthroughs. Get to know the man behind the sobering and stabilizing presence on TV, and hear the fascinating personal history that equipped him to keep our nation informed about COVID-19.

In the summer of 2019, Alan Alda, the acclaimed actor, author, and host of the podcast, Clear+Vivid, interviewed Dr. Fauci for the upcoming audio The Soldiers of Science. This Audible Original explores a little-known Vietnam-era program that brought the very best and brightest young doctors into government service. Dr. Fauci was one of an elite corps of medical school graduates whose time as a clinical researcher at the National Institutes of Health paved the way for life-saving breakthroughs in heart disease, cancer, immunology, and the AIDS crisis, not to mention nine Nobel-prize winning discoveries in science (at last count).

While editing the full documentary, Alan and the team found themselves deeply moved by Dr. Fauci’s commitment to service, his recollections of his early days at the NIH, and how he coped with the tragedy of the AIDS pandemic. We want our listeners to feel the same sense of inspiration, hope, and the comfort of Dr. Fauci’s insights, so we put together this special preview of Soldiers of Science, highlighting Dr. Fauci’s history. Please enjoy this special excerpt as our salute to all the doctors, nurses, health professionals, first responders, and scientists on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Soldiers of Science, we thank you for your service.

Photo credit: Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum.

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