Shadow Squadron: Space Force, Book 1

Shadow Squadron: Space Force, Book 1 Price: $19.95 (as of 15/06/2021 07:26 PST- Details)

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Anything but total victory…is total extinction.

The Terran Republic’s outlying worlds are disappearing. The stars themselves vanishing without a trace. As the Republic panics, Star Command dispatches Admiral Drex and the Fifth Fleet to investigate.

A meeting with the Drakon Confederation reveals the nature of the threat, as new alliances are made. But the balance of power in the galaxy has shifted, and war looms on the horizon. The ancient gods of the Drako, long thought to be nothing more than myth and legend, have returned after aeons. Returned with technology billions of years more advanced than the Republic’s, intent upon consuming the galaxy itself.

As the Republic battles enemies without, and traitors within, the dark shadow of extinction creeps over the galaxy. And only the Fifth Fleet, and its elite strike force Shadow Squadron, stand between mankind and annihilation.

For fans of gritty military sci-fi and epic space opera, Space Force is Star Wars meets Heinlein’s Starship Troopers.