Sentinel: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (The Hurst Chronicles, Book 2)

Sentinel: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (The Hurst Chronicles, Book 2) Price: $24.95 (as of 01/08/2021 16:07 PST- Details)

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An unstoppable virus. Everything we took for granted is gone. Only the strong will survive.

In the aftermath of a devastating flu pandemic, hope returns for the survivors of the Millennial Virus. Under the watchful protection of the Allies, Hurst Castle resumes its centuries-old role as an outpost guarding the western entrance to the Solent. The Isle of Wight is designated a quarantine zone, free of the virus. An unrelenting tide of refugees places impossible pressures on already stretched resources. When the desperate search for a vaccine leads the Hurst team to a classified government research facility beyond the New Forest, will an inactive biological weapons program at Porton Down accelerate their understanding of the Millennial Virus?

Could one man hold the key to discovering the origin and causes of the outbreak? Not everyone shares the Allies’ aspirations for reconstruction. Dark forces seek to prolong the lawlessness, pursuing their own ambitions. There’s a war coming that threatens to return the whole region to chaos. Hurst finds itself in the path of the coming storm. If you enjoy fast-paced, post-apocalyptic stories like The Day of the TriffidsThe RoadStation ElevenThe Stand, and The Atlantis Plague, you’ll love The Hurst Chronicles series.

“An action-packed, disturbing and thought-provoking story of an all-too-possible dystopian future.” (The Book Reviewers)

“Simply unputdownable! Sentinel is the type of book that draws you in. A fast-paced and thrilling read. Highly recommended.” (Mary’s Bookcase)

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