Scary Stories: 35 Short Horror Stories To Read in the Dark

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They entered the old prison. Summer had just started. It was an abandoned prison and just the two of them: Kylie and Destiny.

“I don’t know why we have to do this,” Destiny grumbled.

It wasn’t the highlight of her day.

“I want to see what it looks like on the inside.” Kylie whined.

Kylie was for adventure, and Destiny was not.

They went through the gate. There was no turning back now.

The rusted metal sign read “Keep out”. But it didn’t keep them out.

Walking up and down the cell blocks, it didn’t take Destiny long to see that she wanted to get out of there.

“Look!” she cried out, her voice echoing off the walls.

There were human remains in one of the cells, and the more they walked, the more remains they saw…some even clinging to the bars.

“You’d think that someone would clean these out,” Destiny was trembling. She’d never seen human bones before.

They went to the office where the warden would be if it wasn’t abandoned.

Going through the drawers, Kylie found papers that stated the deaths.

The pictures were gruesome. There were pictures with the warden smiling next to the dead inmates.

“No one had called these in,” Kylie gasped, her eyes growing wide.

“Cold-blooded murder!” Destiny winced.

There was a loud banging sound. Like a metal cup running up and down the bars.

Someone was singing.

“Who could it be?” Destiny asked, whimpering.

She was scared….

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