Scary Ghost Stories: What’s in the Closet?

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Have you ever been sitting in your home late at night and heard something go bump in a back room? Have you ever thought that you have seen a shadow out of the corner of your eye or felt a presence in the same room as you?

For those that experience these types of events, there is no question as to whether or not the paranormal exists. Those that experienced the events in this book do not have to be convinced that there is something supernatural out there either.

Each of the stories in this book are completely true events that happened to everyday people. These are stories about different places across the USA that are known to be haunted, although they are little-known places, most of them only known to the locals.

I hope that you enjoy hearing the stories that I have compiled for you. Remember, sometimes a bump in the night is much more than just a bump….

Here’s a preview of what’s in this book:


  • The witches’ graveyard
  • The Irish banshee
  • The haunting of Auschwitz
  • Spook Hollow
  • Encounter with an incubus
  • Hauntings of nurses
  • Much, much more!


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