Remote Five: Trilobyte, Book 2

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Mankind’s last stand against the machines begins – now.

The machines collapsed society with blinding speed, hunting mankind to the edge of extinction. Yet Junior, a young robotics expert, has managed to survive on his island in the Pacific Northwest. He’s leveraged his extensive combat experience to learn even more about the tireless enemies that stalk him. He’s ready to escalate the battle – and now he and the hardened soldier Brick have allies.

After the fall of the Pentagon and its secondary facility at Mount Weather, a small team managed to escape on an aging gunship to Junior’s island. Their expertise is vital – Dr. Harper Shin wrote the book on robiomechanics, and the two commandos accompanying her are armed to the teeth with the latest military technology.

They’ll need all the firepower they can muster, because the machines have altered their tactics to finish what they started. But even if the survivors can stand strong and win the day – will victory be worth the price?

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