Night Visions: At the Crossroad: Macabre Ink Resurrected Horrors

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Originally published as Night Visions 7


  • A jazz musician whose powerful music just might wake the dead
  • A sleepy Wisconsin town harbors an evil that has waited generations to exact its revenge
  • A young couple struggles for survival amid the ruins of civilization after a devastating biological world war
  • A member of the clergy who gives a whole new literal interpretation of the phrase “eat of my flesh”
  • A demented babysitter is taught a grizzly lesson by the children she torments

Night Visions: At The Crossroad presents eight tales of horror and dark fantasy by Richard Laymon, Chet Williamson, and Gary Brandner.

Prepare to enter a world where your darkest nightmare can become a chilling reality…A world of Night Visions.

Stories included in this collection:


  • “Mop Up” by Richard Laymon
  • “Wishbone” by Richard Laymon
  • “Bad News” by Richard Laymon
  • “Madman Stan” by Richard Laymon
  • “Blue Notes” by Chet Williamson
  • “The Confessions of St. James” by Chet Williamson
  • “Assurances of the Self Extinction of Man” by Chet Williamson
  • “Damntown” by Gary Brandner

©2020 Stanley Wiater, Chet Williamson, Ann Laymon, Gary Brandner (P)2020 David N. Wilson