Mary Mills Mystery Series, Vol 3-4

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You Can’t Hide, Book 3:

Another gripping serial killer thriller from the Queen of Scream.

A new reign of terror has fallen on the unsuspecting residents of Cocoa Beach. They think their worst nightmare is the environmental catastrophe causing the thousands of dead fish in the river until the first body turns up among the dead fish.

Young girls are being kidnapped.

Behind these kidnappings stands a ghostly person who calls himself the Boxer. He stalks the girls and chats with them until he decides whom to pick up and sell.

Mary Mills’ personal life is in chaos. She is trying to balance being a divorced mother and dealing with the presence of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend in her – and especially her son’s, life.

Mary gets on the trail of the disappearing daughters, and when she finally thinks she has it all figured out, it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems.

Before she knows it; she is the one who desperately needs the help from her old friends.

Careful Little Eyes, Book 4:

A heart-pounding mystery from a multi-million copy best-selling author.

Inspired by a true story.

Ian Marks is terrified of ghosts.

Especially the ghost that moved into his shed in the back yard of his house in New Orleans.

Everyone else thinks he is just a drunk, but when his girlfriend is killed at night by a man with an axe, he knows he was right to be afraid.

Mary Mills and Joey Wilson are going to New Orleans to find their son, Salter.

Mary’s brother was spotted there, so together with her ex-husband, she is willing to fight Blake to get her son back.

The question is whether Joey and Mary can find a way to work together again, especially when they even have a hard time speaking with one another.

Will they be able to save Salter in time?

Meanwhile, a vicious killer is holding the city of New Orleans captive. A copycat killer who slaughters people in their beds with an axe much like the original Axeman did almost a hundred years ago. Only the ones who play jazz music will be spared. Soon, the music will sound louder than ever from every open window in the old city.

Careful Little Eyes is the highly anticipated fourth installment of Willow Rose’s popular series revolving around Mary Mills and her friends from Cocoa Beach. It’s a gripping story bound to make your skin crawl and tug on your heartstrings at the same time. Like only Willow Rose can serve it.

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