Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Imogen Brown is a normal 16-year-old girl. She’s obsessed with beach volleyball, she occasionally enjoys the company of her younger sister, Jemima, she’s saving for her first car…and she feels like she doesn’t belong.

She thinks that her parents, Kat and Dylan, are hypocrites, playing the perfect family when she knows they really argue all the time. What Imogen doesn’t know is that they’re in financial difficulty after Dylan lost a number of his construction clients. Kat is trying to work things out with him, as all she’s ever wanted is a tight-knit family – the family she never had.

One Friday evening, Kat and Dylan have their biggest fight yet – Dylan is snappy and out of character, saying things he doesn’t mean. When Kat goes to wake Imogen the next day, she’s not in her bed. Kat and Dylan call her friends, but no one has seen her since the previous day at school. Jemima had stayed at a friend’s house and hadn’t seen or heard from her sister since the previous morning. Imogen has gone missing.

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