Life on Both Sides of the Wall

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Life on Both Sides of the Wall depicts the central conflict of a man in a historic exception, which touches all people closely. No one can disregard it. The author’s hope is to be able to inspire all who listen to this story.

Life on Both Sides of the Wall depicts the ordeal of a human soul caught in the conflict of a life and death, the conflict of faith in God vs. material things, and the conflict of freedom vs. communism.

Millions will never understand how WWII has actually affected their families, beliefs and values, and faith. This book is an autobiography of a man who survived the Holocaust, the bombardment of Berlin and Magdeburg, his time served as a soldier in the German Wehrmacht, his capture by the Russians, torture, and interrogation by the notorious KGB, and his flight for freedom across East Germany, all by the time he was 20 years old.

It is a riveting book. Few who start listening to it will be able to stop. In this book, you will meet a man who does not hesitate to disclose secrets that many men force themselves to conceal. It’s the fascinating true account of a man who simply chose to survive in the face of incredible hardships and danger. In return, he has helped and encouraged thousands of young people to achieve their goals as he did – through faith, hope, prayers, and hard work.

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