Leash and Other Short Horror Stories

Leash and Other Short Horror Stories

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From Creepy Ghost Stories YouTube channel narrator and writer Brett Schumacher.

Leash and Other Short Horror Stories is a horror anthology of 13 short, creepy, scary, and sometimes gruesome monster stories. These hair-raising stories will make your mind tingle and your paranoia kick into overdrive.

This chilling set of frighteningly strange and weird stories are tales of the unexpected – of deceit and of unspeakable beings that hide in the recesses of the mind and the shadows of dark forests.

Including: A tale of a gas station attendant and the creature that stalks him in a storm like he had never witnessed before. The newly found journal entry of Robert Tolliver’s nightmarish dreams that ravage his life after a horrific accident in the swamps of Louisiana. A butcher’s child created of steel and blades used to cut meat. A story about a new embalming fluid with a terrible side effect. The tale of a man and his friends on a camping trip. A leather collar and a vile beast that reigns over a pile of corpses. Plus many more!

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