Learn Spanish with Short Horror & Romance Stories: Learning Effortlessly in No Time Like Crazy Driving Your Car…

Learn Spanish with Short Horror & Romance Stories: Learning Effortlessly in No Time Like Crazy Driving Your Car…

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Improve your Spanish reading, pronunciations, and listening skills. Make learning new vocabulary easier with those horror and romantic stories. Learn Spanish having fun. Spanish narrator.

This book has four main goals: Improve your understanding of the language by listening to a native Spanish speaker Improve your pronunciation. In the book you will find exercises where you will have the possibility to compare the written words with the correct pronunciation of the Spanish speaker. Learn new words every day effortlessly! Forget about repeating one word 10 times until you remember it. Have fun! Yes, why not having fun while learning? How awesome is that?

Inside you will find five stories:


  • El Campamento Maldito
  • Helado Y Biología
  • La Espiral Infernal
  • La Pulsera Embrujada
  • La Limonada Más Dulce Del Mundo

Before every story, we will analyze specific words and expressions, so they will already sound familiar to you while listening to the tales. I will reveal some information in advance, to help you understand better everything that happens in the narrative. The sequence of the stories is intended to become more difficult as you proceed, starting from the easiest level; therefore, you should follow the preset order.

After each tale, you will find two things:


  1. A collection of terms with their respective translations
  2. A series of multiple-choice questions that will help you understand the text

The audio plays at a natural speed for learners to understand what is being said. There is no need for a dictionary. Each story is broken down with a Spanish and English glossary that introduces you to the words and phrases you might not understand. In this way you don’t need to search for any term you don’t know.

In all stories you will find a wide range of different words that you could easily use in your day-to-day conversations.

With this audiobook you can start improving your Spanish today, having fun at the same time!

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Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

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