Last Fight: Transforming Darkness, Book 2

Last Fight: Transforming Darkness, Book 2 Price: $19.95 (as of 25/07/2021 14:35 PST- Details)

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The Warehouse. People go in, but they don’t come out.

On the planet of Raster, standing in the vast locust fields is The Warehouse.

Aart is a bounty hunter looking for a missing girl in a strange land. Perhaps it’s because he’s a stranger he asks the one question you’re not allowed to ask in the locust fields:


Soon he’s a target for the authorities’ rage, and it’s not just one missing girl, but hundreds. Time is not on his side.

Last Fight is a space adventure that will grab you from the first sentence. Get it now.

©2017 Saffron Bryant (P)2020 Saffron Bryant