Is It Time to Burn Your Bridges

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At a much younger age, I can remember sitting down with numerous psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, and even more recently, a hypnotherapist in Townsville, where I lived at the time. And of all the problems that I recall talking about, the number one issue that I struggled with the most was a lack of drive or really poor motivation. So, I spent a long time asking myself, what’s the best way to get motivated?

Nowadays, I think its fair to say that I am one of the most motivated people around. Ask anyone who knows me, and I’m sure they would agree. My first series of books was called What Drives, Motivates and Inspires Us, and through much research and practice, I found many ways in which to motivate myself.

Those closest to me have seen this occur firsthand, with many of them frequently asking how I seem to be so motivated. None of them would believe how much I struggled with motivation at a younger age, but when I try to describe it, the same question is always asked: How do you get motivated?

Well, after learning how to do this myself and coaching many others over the years, here’s the simplest and most effective way to know how to get motivated: You have to burn your bridges – the things holding you back from reaching your full potential. Burning the bridges is about getting out of your comfort zone so that you can grow.

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