Into the Wolves’ Den

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What would you do to protect your family?
Keith Klein, a beat cop in the small New Mexico town of Montaño, sets out to find his missing daughters after they vanish on their way home from school. He enlists the help of Gerald Greenwood, an old friend and a private investigator. When their investigation stalls and desperation creeps in, Keith’s methods become unorthodox, illegal, and extremely violent.
Meanwhile, Keith’s daughters, 14-year-old Carrie and eight-year-old Allison, witness horrors beyond imagination at the Wolves’ Den, a house in the middle of nowhere. In that house, a group of psychopaths in animal masks produce snuff films and other disturbing content for clients across the globe.
Jon Athan, the provocative author behind Dr. Sadist and Lovesick, delivers another dark and disturbing horror novel filled with mystery, suspense, and gore. Can you handle a visit to the Wolves’ Den?
Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.

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