Insane Bastards: An Extreme Horror Story

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Two idiots, Leonhard “Rocky” Krauss and Byron “Twig” Schlaeger, escape from a mental institution, Cedar Hill Sanitarium, and go on a murderous rampage. Rocky is a large man suffering from gigantism, and Twig is a foul-mouthed and perverted little person. Separately, they had always been mistreated and bullied, but together, they are unstoppable, unleashing sadistic and barbaric acts of violence on the assholes of society.

Warning! This is an extreme-horror/splatterpunk story that contains adult content, including, but not limited to: profanity, sexuality, brutality, and obscenities. If you’re not a seasoned extreme-horror listener, it’s highly advised not to embark on this journey. It will save you distress and it’ll save me a negative review.

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