Human Cruelty: A Glimpse into Hell, Book 4

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Brad Johnson, a thief and lowlife, tortured and killed Kenneth Evans’ beloved pet, Roxie, during a burglary. Kenneth wanted to exact revenge against Brad in the most horrific way possible, so he sought out Seth Coker, a notorious vigilante. Kenneth didn’t realize the door he was opening would unleash a wrath of vengeance like no other. He was instantly drawn into Seth’s world. A world of torment and terror equal to the horrors found in the deepest and darkest parts of Hell. A world filled with violence and agony. A world of pure chaos.

In this story, Seth Coker and Kenneth Evans, torture lowlifes that have been cruel to animals. Filled with gruesome and sadistic acts of punishment. This book is not for the meek. Only the seasoned extreme-horror reader should embark on this journey.

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