Hope’s End

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Noah Wild was never a great cop and some would say he made an even worse thief. But after surviving a surprise encounter with a demon, he is recruited by a secret organization called The Switcher’s Guild.

Underfunded, undermanned, and up against an enemy infinitely more powerful, the Guild is fighting a war they cannot win. Yet there may still be hope, for they believe Noah has a talent not even he is aware of.

Their battle brings them to Hope’s End, a town that attracts bad things like moths to a flame. Monsters lurk in the shadows and behind closed doors; malevolent beings plot our downfall. For a decade The Switchers have managed to contain this evil from the rest of the world. However, something terrible may just be ready to break free. Only Noah and a ragtag team of Switchers have a chance of stopping it.

Woefully underestimating the danger of the mission, he quickly finds himself out of his depth, fighting monsters and mutants at every turn. This hapless rookie soon comes to realize the fate of all mankind may very well rest on his inept shoulders.

“Engagingly readable, filled with twists and turns, horror and humor. This book provides a fascinating ride into a world unlike any other. John skillfully blends horror, action, and humor into one thrilling rollercoaster ride. This book is sure to delight readers who have a passion for twists and turns, horror, mystery, and action.” (Rae Rashad, Editor)

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