Haunted: Houses, Mansions & Estates of America You’d Never Enter

Haunted: Houses, Mansions & Estates of America You’d Never Enter

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A haunted house turns everything that is supposed to be comforting and familiar into instruments of terror – attics, nurseries, and parlors become settings for the macabre, family tragedies repeat themselves over and over again. Yet, we are still drawn to the stories a haunted house has to tell. There is something fascinating in how a house becomes a home for spirits….

Each of the homes in this book has a story to tell. They were all built with the intention of providing a safe shelter for a family. But along the way, things began to fall apart.

They have been the sights of mass murder, torture, suicide, and tragic accidents. Families were built and destroyed within their walls, business dynasties crumbled, and justice failed to be served. These dark stains in the homes’ histories turned them into structures that were symbolic of incredible tragedy.

Many of these homes remained vacant for many years since they could no longer fulfil their original purpose, but they have never entirely uninhabited. The forces and entities that wander their halls have made their presence known to those who’ve investigated, restored, stayed in, or lived in all of these buildings….

Here is a preview of what’s inside:


  • Fall of an empire
  • The witch is dead
  • An exorcism
  • An extended vacancy
  • LaLaurie house of horror
  • Hell hath no fury
  • Much, much more!