Glory to the Brave: Ascend Online, Book 4

Glory to the Brave: Ascend Online, Book 4 Price: $59.99 (as of 24/06/2021 08:34 PST- Details)

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Heroes don’t stand for themselves. They stand for others who cannot.

Betrayed by those they’d taken in and narrowly avoiding a disaster of untold proportions, Lyrian and his friends are once again thrust into a fight for their very survival, this time against Carver and his band of murderous adventurers. But as their newfound war quickly reaches a stalemate, both sides find themselves scrambling for a way to break it, while viciously battling one another for every inch of ground that they can steal in the process.

Yet just as Lyrian and the others manage to gain an advantage that could very well end the conflict, they find their world turned upside down as an even greater enemy appears on the horizon. Pushed to the brink, it will take every ounce of cunning and courage they have to find a way to survive.

Assuming they can at all.

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