Geoscare: Global Extinction Outcome Scare

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Humanity on the brink of extinction….

Cal Thereus did not become a billionaire by playing it safe. With deadly viruses sweeping the globe, the Thereus Corporation and their advanced medical technology receives more and more authority to oversee the rising numbers of dead. Yet with micromachine treatments and a specific drug cocktail, Cal is able to revive the dead in service to himself. As the viruses spread, his own personal empire grows and grows — a Legion of the Dead in service to him alone.

The next stage in human evolution has begun.

Hidden in human civilization is a hybrid spy. Created from both Martian and human ancestry, Leon keeps watch on the cascading destruction from global warming, deadly pandemics, and merciless greed. Finally, it is the Martians’ time to reveal themselves and act. In humanity’s last gasp, Cal Therus and Leon begin a high-octane ride from the jungles of Haiti to the metropolises of the United States and the red land of Mars itself.

But is it already too late to prevent a Global Extinction Outcome?

©2020 Yves Serge Eveillard (P)2020 Yves Serge Eveillard