Genesis: Extinction Point Series, Book 4

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After an alien invasion devastates humanity, a battered group of survivors huddles in a remote outpost, fighting to endure in a now-hostile world. Resources are dwindling, and internal power struggles threaten to tear apart the fragile last vestige of human society.

Emily Baxter remains haunted by vivid dreams of Earth’s new masters. With these nightmares comes concern for her son, Adam, the posthuman world’s firstborn child – a child who is ominously marked with red-flecked eyes. While Emily’s husband is off on a dangerous mission, she is accused of committing an unthinkable crime and resolves to clear her name by journeying, along with her stepdaughter and their dog, Thor, into the alien wilderness that was once Earth.

All around Emily lurk mysterious new dangers that threaten her and her companions at every turn. Are these perils the final stages of an apocalyptic invasion or the harbinger of something even worse yet to come?

©2015 Paul Antony Jones (P)2015 Brilliance Audio, all rights reserved.