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The year was 1979. The small town of Lehem, Iowa, was a large clique – content and thriving. When one charming new resident enters the farming community, it’s considered an anomaly. When a second stranger appears, it is a concern…Slaughtered livestock and humans are discovered during the full moon of June, forcing the sheriff and his deputies to take to arms.

When an unknown assailant targets young Peter Carston, hackles and guns are raised as questions float to the surface of a bloody pool. Peter hopes those questions will be answered in time but is unsure. The next full moon approaches, and time becomes precious for the residents of the small Midwest township. The pressure is on to save their close-knit community before it becomes Satan’s playground. Of course, it won’t be easy catching the killer. It seldom is.

Just as the population believes the nightmare might be over, it begins anew. The residents begin to wonder if they’re stuck in a strange vortex of blood and gore. Groups of invaders filled with mal intent try to overtake their territory, only to be met by a rag-tag force that few communities could boast about.

This winding tale will not only introduce you to the small society of Lehem, but also to their holiday traditions and the Warfield family. Who and what they are is for the listener to discover. Welcome to the miasma called Depravity.

©2014 Emilie J. Howard (P)2015 Emilie J. Howard