Dark Tales Ultimate Edition: Scary Spooky Haunting Campfire Stories

Dark Tales Ultimate Edition: Scary Spooky Haunting Campfire Stories

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Attention scary story listeners: If you’re looking for some bone-chilling entertainment, then this is the audiobook for you!

When you buy this audiobook, here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll get:


  • Twenty scary stories
  • Haunted forests
  • Demons on a train
  • Terrifying train gangs
  • Death by drowning
  • Spooky shadow monsters
  • What happens when you move to a new town?
  • Or when you find out your estranged mother has a dark secret?

Get all of this, and much, much more…

So are you: Planning a cabin trip, going hunting, looking for stories to tell around the campfire, or maybe you want to spook your friends this weekend?

No matter the occasion, this is the audiobook for you! Dark Tales Ultimate Edition is the final installment of tantalizing tales from Story Ninjas. In this audiobook, you’ll find 20 of the scariest stories to tell your friends. From haunted forests, to train gangs, this anthology has all kinds of spooky stories to make your spine tingle.

What happens when you encounter fluffy creatures with hairless rabbit ears and beady eyes? Or what about demons on a train? Maybe you would prefer death by drowning? Don’t forget haunted houses and yellow-eyed shadow monsters. Also, killer clowns and viral parasites. What happens when a group of college students come back from a cabin trip only to find mysterious photos on their phones? Or what about an author that must make her story go viral in order to avoid a gruesome death? Maybe you would prefer to listen about a boyfriend who takes his ex-girlfriend to the same bridge his best friend died just a year ago?

All of these stories and more await you in Dark Tales Ultimate Edition.

In this anthology, you’ll find scary, spooky, haunting, bizarre, paranormal, ghostly, ghastly, demonic, and horrific tales. Buy your copy today!

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