Dark Island

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Like the “Dark Continent” of Africa, the dark island of Madagascar holds many chilling secrets. One of them is a long-thought extinct species of dinosaurs living at the country’s core.

A massive earthquake rocks the mountain range within the Andringitra National Park. The splitting Earth reveals a network of tunnels, hidden away for millennia. Responding to the series of violent upheavals, a pack of hypersensitive predators flee their subterranean home; frenzied and hungry, they head for the surface.

Former Navy SEAL Ian Hunt begrudgingly accepts an offer to lead an exploratory team. What they uncover is the find of a lifetime… if they survive long enough to tell anyone.

Dinosaurs are alive and well at the heart of the dark island.

©2018 Matt James; Copyright 2018 by Severed Press (P)2019 Tantor