Daisy’s War: The Clockwork Chimera, Book 5

Daisy’s War: The Clockwork Chimera, Book 5

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With powerful forces working behind the scenes, Daisy seemed to be on the path to what may very well be a rousing victory. Or a glorious death, should she fail. For obvious reasons, she hoped for the former rather than the latter.

She and her friends had persevered and come out on the other side time and again. Now they just had to pull together one last time to stand against their greatest foe. Success would mean victory. Failure would mean the loss of all they held dear.

Alliances had been forged, and forces mustered, and her enemies were square in her sights. It was time to act, and Daisy knew she was in for the fight of her life, and on multiple fronts at that. The struggle would be fierce, and blood would certainly be shed, but at the end of the day, she just hoped the majority of it would not be her own.

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