Curse Breaker: Dark Legends

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A fated mates, insta-love, compelling dark fantasy that fans of Sarah J. Maas Assassin’s Blade novellas will love.

Sit back and enjoy this compelling dark fantasy novella by International best-selling author, Jaclyn Roche.

A reincarnated goddess…

An unrisen long-dead god…

Only she can bring him back to life.


“You’re mine for now and eternity,” he rumbled against her.

She ignored the voice telling her this wasn’t real. The niggle of doubt reminding her she was sick still and released not because she no longer a foster child that had happened at 18, but because she had served her time in the hospital rather than go to jail for the accident.

“Tell me you’re mine,” he demanded ceasing his exploration of her.

His lust-glazed eyes captured hers in their gaze. She could see the outline of the minotaur against his body. The beast simmered at the surface, a layering over Viktor’s form.

“I’m yours. All yours.” Kali’s words, a panted whisper against his ear. That couldn’t be me. Her voice husky.

Viktor’s mouth reclaimed hers, beginning his feast with the flesh of her breast. His tongue darted out, licking her hardened nipple and teasing her other bud with the pad of his thumb. He tore off her clothing, pausing only to consume her with his olive eyes. There was no one else in the world who looked at her the way he did, as if she were the only woman he needed or wanted.

Kali moaned, leaning into him. Her core became molten as they tasted each other. Her hips moved against his groin of their own accord. Tension wound with every draw of his mouth and flick of his thumb. Her fingertips traveled down the sinewy planes of his back, tracing the Egyptian tattoos she’d seen covering his torso. Kali clutched Viktor to her as they tumbled to the inky ground of the between. Her hands entangled in the wild mop of waves atop his head. His body felt airy rather than solid as he removed the rest of their clothing. She fought to remain submerged in the between, unwilling to leave, as Viktor didn’t escape his beastly curse often.

“Don’t go,” she cried wrapping her legs around his waist. “Please.”

Curse Breaker is an insta-love stand alone novella of the Dark Legends series. It includes dark themes and fated mates.

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