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The idea behind this cool audiobook comes from the 20th century art movement Dadaism. According to Dadaist principles, when random unrelated things are put together in a work of art, a “higher level of reality” may be attained. By combining unrelated things, new associations are made within the viewer’s mind. When one sees everyday things within such extraordinary settings, one may, in fact, begin to understand those things from an entirely new and different perspective. When one begins to think differently, they may then be led towards new paths of discovery, innovation, and realization.

Cool Book is a compilation of various ideas, thoughts, emotions,, and knowledge that all work in harmony to create an exciting and thrilling listen that will perhaps make you feel more inspired and enthusiastic about all of life’s scintillating possibilities.

The creative writing snippets involve a freestyle approach that creates lasting, concrete versions of present improvisational writing moments. Feelings and moods are captured here with abstract word combinations. A theoretical writing style such as this undoubtedly results in a varied and layered interpretation. The poetic technique where words just sound good next to each other plays a crucial role. Words fuse in spontaneity to create permanent imaginary dreamscape depictions.

The intention for this cool audiobook was to combine experiences, artifacts, different thinking processes, various interpretations of life, all within the same context. Thus, a blend satisfactory to one’s thirst for an exciting, creative, and stimulating world of intelligent writing is readily accessible to anyone who chooses to pursue this worthwhile adventure.

Consider an altogether unique and stimulating voyage into undiscovered realms within your own thoughts. It’s a well written, creatively assembled, and simply engrossing audiobook for just about anyone who has ever been just even a little bit creative.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

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