Cliche: Episodes 1-3

Cliche: Episodes 1-3 Price: $14.95 (as of 13/06/2021 08:08 PST- Details)

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In the novel Numb, Calvin Court used to joke that his life was a series of clichés. He had no idea.

Welcome to The Track. An elite club for members whose depraved desires run to the extreme. A place where you can bet on a “pony” and see how long he can survive…in a deadly scenario decided by a simple spin of the wheel.

Step right up.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

  • Jeff Hays – narration
  • Annie Ellicott – narration
  • Dalton Lynne – proofing
  • Richard Smith – editing and mastering

©2020 Jeff Menapace (P)2020 Jeff Menapace